super bowl.

by Hannah

Can you believe it? I am not a very big football fan, not really much of a sports fan for that matter, but I let myself get a little into it and wanted the Patriots to win, for the sake of my New England family. I was sure they’d win. But alas, in what they are calling the greatest play in Super Bowl history, the Giants gained the advantage. Boo.
Still, it was a fun day- we watched the game with Manny’s family and celebrated Holly’s 16th birthday and ate far more than is necessary.

We could both have new jobs soon. Manny has applied as a 911 dispatcher with the county and I am waiting to hear about a library associate position with the City of Boca Raton. Keeping our fingers crossed and praying to any benevolent dieties that might come to mind at a given moment….

I’m going to Boston in just over 2 weeks… so exciting! Maybe I’ll see snow!



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