17 Weeks

by Hannah

I have started to feel the tiniest little movements from the baby- it is really amazing. I always feel it when I’m sitting or laying very still.
I bought a pair of maternity jeans at Target a few days ago, and I’m wearing a lot of borrowed items as well- my regular pants just won’t do anymore.
Apparently now the baby is the size of a large onion- kind of like a Vidalia onion I guess.

Yesterday I suddenly felt an urge to re-organize our bedroom closet so there would be room for the baby’s things- nesting instinct is kicking in!


One Comment to “17 Weeks”

  1. hey momma. how's it going? so i really liked the quilts you had on this site from etsy. but i couldn't find them. help! you are so creative. can you come a design my baby room for me! :) <3 ya!

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