A Handmade Christmas?

by Hannah

I was recently starting to think about Christmas gifts, and what to get for people this year. I hate getting generic gifts that are pretty meaningless and bought “just for the heck of it”- I always try to get people things that they will really like and use. I’ve heard of this before, but the idea returned to me- what about pledging to make every gift I give this year? Rather than succumbing to the unrelenting consumerism of the holidays, I could think up beautiful and useful things to make for everyone on my gift list this year. It is kind of a daunting challenge, but it would be fun and of course more earth-friendly than all the usual shopping. And I think in the long run people appreciate gifts more when it is obvious that thought and care was put into it and it is one of a kind, made especially with them in mind.
This could be really cool… more coming soon.

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