Some goals for 2009

by Hannah

So I’m going crazy and doing multiple posts today… I just wanted to put down a few things I’d like to do this year:

  • Create a safe, non-toxic home environment for my new baby to be born into and start his life in. I’ve already banned so many “common” household poisons and hazards- from cleaning products to shampoos to Raid, but I want to continue in my efforts towards an organic lifestyle for our family.
  • Travel. We’re tentatively planning two family trips this year- one to Colorado and one to New England.
  • Breastfeeding. This is important to me- I want to nurse Seth for about a year, and at least until the end of 2009 (he’ll be 10 months old).
  • School. Continue working on my master’s degree while caring for the new little one.
  • Finances. Find ways to save and make extra money as we transition to living on one income. Be thrifty and resourceful, and hopeful get some photography jobs to help us out.
  • Cloth diapering. This is part of the first goal and the finances one, so sticking with it is a goal in itself.
  • Enjoying motherhood and being balanced and competent in my new role- keep our marriage strong and maintian my own sense of self through it all.

I’m sure I have other things I’d like to do, but these are big ones that came to mind. May 2009 be the best year yet, full of happiness and peace.

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