Time, moving forward

by Hannah

It seems like every year goes by faster than the one before it. When you’re little everything seems to take forever- a week is like an eternity. Now I can’t believe how quickly it passes (and how easily I could let it slip by in my preoccupied state of mind).
2007 was such a full year for me and Manny. In January, I started talking family I had been in touch with since I was about 3, and then in February I went to visit them in Massachusetts, and saw snow for the first time since I was too young to remember. Also in February I started working for the library, which turned out to be the best job I have had to date and led me to officially decide to go to school for library science. In June we found out I was pregnant. In July, we took a trip to New Hampshire and Massachusetts to see friends and family. In August I started graduate school. September, we celebrated our first year of marriage and Manny started his job as a dispatcher for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. In October I turned 21, and in December, successfully finished my first semester of grad school. What a year!
And 2009 is already looking to be even more exciting, since this is the year our son will be born and we will navigate the path of new parenthood together. We also plan to move out of our one-bedroom townhouse in August. Lots of change is in our immediate future! We’re so excited and can’t wait to experience everything this year has to offer.

Now that it is January, I can officially say that my baby is due next month. Oh my goodness… :)


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