Spirituality and Pregnancy

by Hannah

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are profoundly spiritual. It seems to me such a shame that society makes them primarily medical, material, mundane things. I am guilty of this thinking at times too- especially the material. I have great capacity, I have found, to obsess over things– after all, I do want to give my child the best, and lots of new things are needed when having a baby. But in the grand scheme all the stuff is not as important as acknowledging the spiritual nature of this time, and obsessing over it all can hinder a woman from the potential for growth. I have a few weeks left, and we are mostly prepared in the material sense. While so far I have not neglected the spiritual aspects of carrying this baby, I hope that for the rest of this time and into motherhood I will focus more on the deep connection to my baby and the potential I have to change and grow dramatically as a woman. This is a rite of passage, and can and should be a wonderfully transformative experience.


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