Laughing Baby!

by Hannah

This morning I was playing with Seth, and he laughed for the first time! It was the best sound ever! He sucks his thumb now too- on purpose. He’s becoming more aware of his hands. He still amazes me with his cuteness :) We went to the pediatrician on Monday, and he now weighs 12lbs 9oz- he has more than doubled his weight in just two months!

I have had mastitis this week, which is fairly common during breastfeeding but very painful and makes you feel like you have the flu. I’m on antibiotics and several natural remedies, and this morning I finally feel a bit better.

No other news for now- life is sweet and we’re always busy!


3 Comments to “Laughing Baby!”

  1. Wow – I bet it's the best sound in the world! He IS getting big and staying healthy it looks like. I'm sorry you've been sick with the breastfeeding thing (can't remember the name)! Get better soon mama!

  2. Guess what?! I've ALREADY hit 126!! Oh my word…

  3. Hey HannahSo ted's mom recently bought me a set of bumkins cloth diapers and covers and I must saw cloth diapers freak me out! They seem like a ton of work, but in the long run are cheaper. Do you agree? We are doing to use disposable for the first bit and then when we go on outreaches, but other than that we will TRY cloth. I know you use cloth so I thought I would get some advice or a reason why I should! Thanks!

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