A Better Nail Polish

by Hannah

When I was pregnant I stopped using regular nail polish because I’d read about chemicals in it that can be harmful for a growing baby. And just one whiff will tell anyone they probably shouldn’t be around it for very long either. But I love to have a bit of color on my toes, so I decided to seek out a more natural option. I found No Miss at Whole Foods, which comes in tons of great colors and is very similar in consistency and wear to traditional polishes, but doesn’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl-pthalate or camphor- some of the most harmful ingredients found in common brands. I have also started using No Miss’s “Almost Natural” nail polish remover- it isn’t quite as effective as the old stuff, but it is much less stinky and with a little extra rubbing gets the job done just fine. Here’s to pretty (and non-toxic) summer feet!


One Comment to “A Better Nail Polish”

  1. Hey Green-Minded Mama, I can sympathize–when I was pregnant I avoided doing my nails too! I thought you'd be interested in a recent list of salon nail polishes that are "three free" of toxic chemicals. Check it out at http://www.womenandenvironment.org.

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