Four Months Old!

by Hannah

Seth is doing really well- he is a super happy baby, laughing and smiling all the time. Except, of course, when his gums are bothering him. :( Yes, our baby is teething now. He chews on everything he can get into his mouth, which is pretty much anything he can reach since he is now a pro at grabbing things. He is getting much stronger and does great with tummy time, and can sit if I hold his hands.

We have been house hunting a lot, and we’re planning on making (another) offer soon, on a 3 bedroom townhouse. We’re really looking forward to owning our own home. I can’t wait to have a place that belongs to us, to paint and decorate and grow things…

Here are some new photos of the little guy:

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2 Comments to “Four Months Old!”

  1. that's so exciting about the townhouse. too bad we live so far from each other.. we could help with decorating tips. btw i saw the red necklace.. i love that one too!! golly stop making pretty jewelry. i'll go broke!! ;)

  2. He is beautiful! I showed Ted the month by month stickers and we might do this as well! It's a great idea!!

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