Big changes!

by Hannah

One day a week or so ago, Seth rolled over on his own for the first time! And the next day, he started sitting up on his own. He is changing so fast, getting stronger and more in control of his own movement.

Yesterday we went to a picnic organized by La Leche League, and afterward hung out with some friends. Eva is here helping me for the weekend so she came along.
Liam is 3 months old and he and Seth are on the road to becoming great friends. Though for now, he is pretty indifferent about Seth’s existence, and Seth just wants to grab his face :-P

Eva and Seth at the picnic

Liam and Seth after the picnic- Seth had just woken up in this picture.

Seth thought sitting with Liam was a hoot.

The entire time we were taking these pictures, Seth kept reaching up to touch Liam’s face. He loves to grab peoples’ faces, so we had to to move his hand so he wouldn’t hurt him!

My awesome man is also such a great daddy. He and Seth love to play together now that Seth is old enough to appreciate it more. It is so sweet to watch them bonding.

In less than two weeks we are moving out of our apartment and in with Manny’s parents (for those couple weeks before our closing date- then we move again into the new house). So I’m in packing mode now and I feel like our house is being turned upside down. I can’t wait to be in our new home. Until then, it seems, there will be a general feeling of chaos.

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One Comment to “Big changes!”

  1. wow i can't believe he is already sitting up on his own! cool! so exciting about your house!

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