My new perspective

by Hannah

I have been going for walks every day since we moved into our new neighborhood, and I’m loving it. I take Seth out in the stroller every morning. It is the first time since I was a child that I’ve exercised not to improve how I look, but just to feel good, because I enjoy it, and because I know it will improve my health. There is such a difference when physical activity isn’t driven by self-criticism, but by self-care. While, like nearly any woman out there, I critique myself in the mirror and see a few things I wouldn’t mind changing, my relationship with my body has become much healthier as of late. I think a lot of it has to do with having a baby. I have experienced what my body is capable of- bringing a life into the world and nurturing it- and that is amazing. But even aside from that, I find myself thinking of food in terms of the energy it will give me to live my life rather than how much fat/sugar/calories it has, and so I end up choosing the healthy options anyway, but enjoying them more than I used to. I value sleep more than ever before, because it is a gift these days, and one that is necessary to function well. Most of all, I am paying more attention to research on disease prevention and overall maintenance of good health, because now I have to be healthy and live longer not just for myself, but for my son.


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