I am not abandoning my blog, I promise.

by Hannah

Life throws unexpected trials at us sometimes. This week our family got a huge one from way, way out in left field. My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with leukemia. She is starting chemotherapy on Monday and will be in the hospital for a while. My husband’s family has the most amazing solidarity, and relatives have been at their house for days now spending time with her, cooking and cleaning. We are very, very close with my in-laws, and this takes priority over everything else, so I may not post as often as I would have for a while, because I want to help however I can.
Seeing everyone from their family come together as they have for her has touched me so deeply and reminded me how valuable and important family really is. I am so blessed to be in this family, so thankful.
If you pray, or even if you typically don’t, please do so for my mother-in-law. This is going to be a rocky path for her and for all of us but she is so strong and I am so hopeful.
And if you are into year-end charitable giving, please consider donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this year.


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