Twenty Days?!?

by Hannah

When did this happen? I was going to make all of our Christmas gifts this year, and lots of ornaments and all kinds of other wonderful crafty things! Now I’m running out of time and have, umm, one gift made so far. But I will do what I can. More important things are happening right now. A family medical crisis had arisen, and I am needed. So I will do my best to make Seth’s first Christmas a wonderful one, but this year is all about family. I am not making anything else for my Etsy shop. What is there will sit for now, but I do not have the time to devote to promoting it or making more while also running my photography business, and being a full time mom, and making (and yes, probably buying some) Christmas gifts, and now trying to help my family through what is bound to be an extremely difficult time.

And if you are someone who prays, and if you’re someone who doesn’t usually, please do so for my mother-in-law, Jackie, and for the many people who love her.


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