iPhone Photography

by Hannah

My husband and I each got an iPhone 3gs for Christmas, and for the last few days I have of course been playing with the camera. I must say, I am pretty impressed. You can touch
to focus, and overall the quality is quite good for a phone camera. And of course it is with me everywhere I go, which is really the best part!

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken with it:

Okay so yes they are all of my son… But seriously can you blame me? Look at him!
The second and fourth images have effects I added with a fun app called CameraBag, and the first is edited with another app, Photogene. A couple other notable photography apps for the iPhone are Photoshop Mobile and Pano. I am so happy to finally have a way to take fairly decent shots anywhere without having to tote my Nikon. There are even apps for helping get the correct exposure, for when I am using my camera. I’ll definitely be looking into those…

Merry Christmas, a day late :)

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