An Update…

by Hannah

I am going to do an official holiday post, complete with pictures- the whole nine yards.

The reason I haven’t yet is that our holiday celebrations haven’t ended. Jackie came home from the hospital today, and we are hanging out at her house now. It is so good to have her home. We are going to have a whole Christmas and New Years celebration with them now that she’s back. Life will feel more normal for all of us now, at least for a while.

Seth is changing so much all the time, he constantly entertains and exhausts us. He crawls really fast now, and we are always having to move things out of his reach. He’s very curious and intelligent, and brings us a never-ending supply of joy. Some of his recent accomplishments include unrolling all the toilet paper onto the floor in the downstairs bathroom, climbing the stairs (don’t worry, I was right behind him and a gate has since been installed!), and shaking his head “no” when he doesn’t want something. He also doing much better at cruising along the side of the couch or coffee table and feeding himself finger foods. He loves to go outside, and he loves animals.

In other news, I am considering a new system for my blogging. Rather than keeping with my three different blogs here on Blogger, I want to create one big blog with different sections for topics I write about a lot. So stay tuned, because things may be changing around here :)

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