What a Mess!

by Hannah

Seth had his first painting experience recently for a Christmas craft project, which I’ll post about soon. He loved it an dof course had a blast making a huge mess!




Amazing what a simple teething biscuit and a few Cheerios can become in the hands (or on the face, shirt, arms and highchair) of a 10 month old!



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3 Comments to “What a Mess!”

  1. Awesome pics! You’ll have to show me the finished piece and tell me your strategy for keeping his little painted hands out of his mouth. This looked like so much fun!

  2. these are my fav of yours! AMAZING!! He keeps getting more and more adorable somehow! I really love how you’ve combined all of your sites to one, we are in the process of doing so, but I’ve been afraid to, so seeing you do it makes me really want to! We’ll see. I am loving the combo of all your stuff together. You’re one talented woman!!

    p.s. I would like to do the photo a day too, how do I do that?

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