Handmade Christmas, Part 2

by Hannah

You may remember when I posted these pictures of Seth covered in blue paint?



Well now I am making good on my promise to show you the finished product. We gave these as gifts to several of our family members, and we kept one to put up in our own house too. I had been wanting to get hand and footprints from him for months, and I am so glad I got around to it before he turned one. Those hands and feet will never be this small again… sniff sniff.



This is Seth’s first artwork :)
We used non-toxic completely washable tempura paints- first I painted the green onto the canvases and let it dry completely, and then we did the handprints and let that dry. Then I did several coats of a spray varnish I picked up at the crafts store, to seal it all in. I am pretty happy with the finished result!

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One Comment to “Handmade Christmas, Part 2”

  1. i LOVE this! It will be even more precious in years to come. We just did plaster molds for his 6 months, but i think i like this a lot more. We will do this too! Thank you for sharing!

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