My husband rocks.

by Hannah

We have had a few very rough days around here. Seth’s teething woes have reached an all-time high, causing him to wake almost hourly at night, sometimes crying, and then he has also been clingy and fussy and whiny and just kind of miserable all day long. I’ll admit I have taken my frustration out on my husband a couple times. Maybe even a couple more than a couple. We are both stressed out right now.

But as he knows, I love him so very much.
I love that he vacuums the floor on a regular basis. I love that he plays with Seth and I hear them laughing together. I love that he gives me back massages. I love that he reminds me to drink more water and go to bed earlier and check my posture (things I’ve been working on). He is really a stellar guy. A loving husband and father. I am a lucky lady.

Here he is with Seth, on our front lawn. {A few days ago all the insanity got to the point that we all just needed to get out of the house, so we went and lied in the grass in front of our house and listened to music on my phone. It was really nice. Surprisingly relaxing.}
Aww aren’t they awesome?

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