by Hannah

I already showed you the card/mini book I made for Manny. Here is the other part of his Valentine’s Day surprise:

I got the recipe from one of my all-time favorite cooking blogs- The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

You better believe I was taste-testing this all along the way. Yum!

Melting the chocolate:
truffles 01

truffles 02

The insides of the truffles:
truffles 03

The box I put them in for Manny:
truffles 04

truffles 05

I still have more of the inside mixture- this was my first batch, just for Manny- I wanted to get it done in time. I’ll make the rest tonight :)

It was so easy and they are such an elegant treat- I love it!

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2 Comments to “Truffles!”

  1. i commented on your comment on my blog, but i need to comment here too. these truffles look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your photos of the process too!

  2. my mouth is now watering. goodness. beautiful pics!

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