Pink trumpets and Holga

by Hannah

We passed these trees one day when we couldn’t stop for pictures. They caught my eye because they are so pink- there is nary a leaf to be seen, and I thought it was unusual. They were in the parking lot of a Dunkin Doughnuts downtown. I knew I would have to go back, and we did. I did a little googling and found that it is a pink tabebuia, or pink trumpet tree, and they are fairly common in South Florida and bloom in the spring. So here it is- spring! Not long from now we’ll be in the pool and at the beach, wearing shorts and tank tops and sipping lemonade again…

pink trumpet tree no.1

pink trumpet tree no.2

And my Holga came in the mail yesterday. These look so fun and I am really looking forward to playing with it- I have to get film first, which is not so easy (it’s 120 rather than 35mm film for those not familiar with Holgas, but I know a place downtown I can get some.)



One Comment to “Pink trumpets and Holga”

  1. they are so beautiful. Whoa!

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