Art on the Street

by Hannah

Street Painting Festival, Downtown Lake Worth.
It was fun, but my word was it crowded. It took us so long to find a parking spot when we got there. I was reminded of Mary Poppins, with the elaborate chalk art in the park, and then they jump in to that world. I watched that movie a lot as a child.

So much amazing talent… and I was sad that after all the work they’ve done, it will be washed away. Cars will be driving over those streets tomorrow as if nothing beautiful were ever there. It makes me sad because I am the type of person who likes to hold onto things, but really it is a practice in living in the moment, and enjoying things now rather than constantly worrying about preserving them for the future. It was art for the the sake of art- not to be sold or even saved; just created, enjoyed, and then left to wash away.

At least they can be immortalized through the lenses of many cameras. Here are a few that stood out to me…

These, because I just love sea turtles:
street painting festival, no.1

street painting festival, no.2

So interesting and it hardly looks like it was done with chalk:
street painting festival, no.3

The detail in this one was just incredible:
street painting festival, no.4

Of course I just adored this one. I wish I could have met the artist; we’re probably kindred spirits.
street painting festival, no.5

Seth enjoying all the activity:
at the street painting festival


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