A Great Big Seth Post

by Hannah

I haven’t posted many pictures of Seth lately- here are some that I’ve taken recently and have been meaning to share with you…

I know I posted a couple from this day, with the bubbles, but I liked these too:

Obviously he was quite thrilled with the whole thing.

These are from a visit to Stuart and the beach a few weeks ago:
eva + seth no.2

eva + seth no.2

That’s my sister, Eva. She adores her nephew, and I’m positive the feeling mutual. Seth loved the sand- feeling it, digging his hands into it, tossing it into the air… he didn’t exactly try to eat it, but some ended up in his mouth anyway.

Taking a nap on Grandpa:

These are from just a couple days ago, in West Palm Beach at the new Waterfront.

fountain play


In our yard yesterday afternoon. He is still sick, but yesterday it was warm enough and he was feeling well enough to play outside a bit.
the back door

a leaf!

sunshiney, no.2

I know I say it every time I post about him, but he is growing and changing so fast, it simply astounds me. I love him to pieces. He still hasn’t started walking, but is very proficient with standing up. His personality is coming out more and more; he has fun just being goofy with us (especially with his daddy), and he is very curious about things. He seems more “toddler-like” all the time.

Doesn’t the toothy smile just kill you?

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2 Comments to “A Great Big Seth Post”

  1. These photos are incredible!! I enjoy your work so much, and Seth is a really cute baby. He’s lucky to have such a creative mom to capture all those adorable moments.

  2. I love the photo where he is reaching over to touch the water. He is seriously precious! Thanks for sharing!

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