What a {zoo}

by Hannah

Now that we have a family pass to the zoo, it’s nice to just go for short visits whenever we feel like it. Here are a couple pictures from a few days ago. The peacocks there are so used to humans that I was able to get surprisingly close.

Seth meets a komodo dragon
seth and a komodo dragon


Gorgeous peacock

peacock no.1

I think he may have been thirsty…
peacock no.2

peacock no.3

so pretty.
peacock no.4

I have not been feeling well the last several days- I had a cold that seems to have become a sinus infection or something, and though Seth is getting much better he has been much fussier than usual ( possibly from the antibiotic?– I don’t know if it tends to have that effect or not…) I haven’t gotten enough sleep, when I’ve actually needed more to get better. So it has been a difficult week.

Enough complaining though, honestly. There is so much to be thankful for. I’ll post again later on with some links and whatnot. Happy Friday!


One Comment to “What a {zoo}”

  1. How fun! That’s awesome your family got a season pass! Chase has yet to go to the zoo, but I think I’ll wait til this summer when it’s warmer! Beautiful pictures of the peacock!

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