well, hello spring!

by Hannah

{this one was taken with my iphone on our walk earlier}

From the depths

I love when I discover new flowers in our yard- since this is our first year here I still get surprised.

backyard springtime no.1

This is the same bud from here, I’m pretty sure.
backyard springtime no.2

Oh I love this face.

24march no.1

And this one.

24march no.2

This kid loves dirt. Loves. He points at the door and waves his arms so he can go outside an play in it. I don’t mind though, I love that he wants to be outside exploring and will encourage that as much as I can.
24march no.3

This was right after I said “oh no Seth don’t eat the dirt…!” Oh well, some things must be learned through experience.
24march no.4

Laying on the patio looking up at blue sky… well, hello Spring.
backyard springtime no.3

I am looking forward to many, many more days like this- playing outside with Seth, enjoying nature and fresh air, and of course taking lots and lots of pictures.

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3 Comments to “well, hello spring!”

  1. I really love the first photo! And so cute, he can make eating dirt look super cute, haha! Question; where do you get your film processed? I was laughing at myself when I turned in my film (@ target) today because I didn’t remember what to do! HA! Pretty sad. This digital only me ;)

    And… The necklace Seth sometimes wears… is it for teething?

  2. I found a local lab for my film- they do a much better job than somewhere like Target. It’s nice to get the know the people who work there too. With my Holga I think I’m going to ask for only negatives first and then have them print just the ones that came out good, to cut down the cost.

    Yeah it is a teething necklace. It’s from http://hyenacart.com/inspiredbyfinn/

    • Oh okay, awesome! Thanks for sharing. We just got out pictures back (on cd just so I could decide what I wanted printed and upload them without a scanner) and I like them okay but not great. But that is more due to the little i know about exposure, lighting! I will def go to a local place to get them printed then! Thanks.

      Okay, sweet, i wondered!

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