by Hannah

These butterflies just emerged from their cocoons a few days ago. They were given to Jackie by a neighbor, and yesterday we set them free. It was symbolic~ she has always loved butterflies :)

butterfly release no.2

butterfly release no.1

When I held mine and let it go, I imagined I was letting go of so many worries and hindrances, letting them fly away from me….

butterfly release no.3

and afterward, I felt a little lighter.

(We also each made a wish when we let ours go, but I never tell wishes, until they’ve come true…)


2 Comments to “Released…”

  1. hanna i want to cogratulate you for such nice pictures you have a big potential of been a famous photographer keep going……let me tell you i love photography and best of all i love
    what nature has to offer us…. i love it! specially the ones to butterflies are so beautiful,the beach and i would like to see a storm by the sea would be so beautiful!
    love you mercy.

  2. These shots are just gorgeous! The butterfly really pops against the grey neutral background.

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