“the sun came up!”

by Hannah

One of my closest friends recently posted this as her status on Facebook. It made me smile, and reminded me to be grateful for each day. How amazing is it that the universe has gifted us another day of life?

This morning Seth and I are headed off to the Farmers market for a couple more plants for the garden (tomoatoes!), and then a La Leche League meeting, and then a first borthday party for Seth’s sweet little friend Liam.

So, busy day today! Then on Sunday we’re all driving to Tampa to visit Jackie in the hospital.

Oh I have to tell you about my new pants, from Gaia Conceptions. (The shop is on vacation mode for now, but is usually very well stocked and will be again soon with new designs! You can check out the sold items to get an idea of what is offered.) I got the anoki pant a few days ago, custom made to fit me. They look like this:

Only mine are a lovely spinach green color. They are so comfy and pretty much the perfect summer pants. They’re eco-friendly and handmade, which to me is well worth the extra money (and really they cost the same as from a typical store in the mall anyway– only they are much better quality, more unique, and don’t support big corporations). I am definitely planning on ordering from them in the future- I love so many of their designs. They’re exactly the type of business I hope someday to do commercial photography for- how amazing would that be? They can make maternity clothes too! I have decided that I would rather have fewer clothes that are higher quality and ethically made, than tons of things that will fall apart and get ratty looking too quickly, you know?

Have a wonderful couple of days, friends- if you have good weather where you are, do get out and enjoy it!

xoxo, H

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