Keep Calm and Snap On

by Hannah

The moment I saw these posters from PhotoJojo, I wanted one for my wall. I have always liked the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters, which originated in Britan during WWII and are very popular in the blogosphere (hehe I just used the word blogosphere), but this was a poster I just had to have, because it is exactly the reminder I need on a daily basis.


Photography is how I slow down when my life is chaotic. Being able to keep doing what I love, making art with my camera, keeps me centered.

So here is my copy of the poster, which I finally got a frame for and hung today. And here, friends, is the photo of my workspace that I promised ages ago and never delivered on because I just wasn’t happy with how it looked. It is still a work in progress- I would love a shelf up high above the corkboards for vintage cameras and other pretty things, and I have a few other changes in mind too, but now you can picture where I sit while I write this blog and edit photos.

my workspace
If you click on the picture, I have some notes on it in Flickr.
When taking this picture I realized how little natural light I get in my little corner of the living room. It’s bad. I had to bump my ISO up so high, and overall it just isn’t pretty. I really don’t like artificial lighting, and avoid it when I can. But this was really the most logical place for my desk. I wonder how hard it is to make a window… just cut a hole in the side of the house, right? : )


One Comment to “Keep Calm and Snap On”

  1. love it and L O V E your workspace!!

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