why i love the farmer’s market.

by Hannah

Three words: Farm. Fresh. Eggs.

Green Market- Farm Fresh Eggs

Beautiful, organically grown local produce. Better for my family, better for the planet, supports local farmers, and less expensive than at the supermarket– it’s a win-win-win-win : )

Green Market bounty

The atmosphere is just so happy- great music, sunshine and community. Love it.

Green Market, live music

Green Market, live music

Seth eating a carrot spelt cookie and dancing to the music, happy as a clam. Happy baby = happy momma.

Seth enjoying the Green Market

Today was the last one of the season for Delray- I’m looking forward to it starting up again in October. In the meantime I will be in search of local food from other sources, and of course trying to grow some of my own!


One Comment to “why i love the farmer’s market.”

  1. great pictures. there’s so much depth in it.

    XoXo :)
    ~ Traveliest.blogspot.com

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