Meet Zeus!

by Hannah

our newest family member!

Zeus and Manny

Manny and I have been talking about getting a dog for quite a while. We didn’t want to do it when Seth was really tiny of course, but we recently decided this would be a good time. Seth is getting old enough to understand how to treat a dog, and we aren’t planning on growing the human part of our family for a while yet.

So… on Saturday we went to an adoption event at Petco and found this sweet little guy! He is the perfect size and temperament for us, and really completes our little family. We adopted him from this organization: They rescue puppies that are on death row at the pound, and rehabilitate them. give them their shots and spay/neuter them as soon as they’re old enough. I am so glad we decided to adopt rather than buying from a breeder. One of the volunteers was telling me some statistics about how many puppies are killed each day because no one wants them- it is really heartbreaking. And with the money we payed to adopt Zeus, two more dogs are rescued from death row.

It took us literally an entire 24 hours to decide on a name- his papers said Sparky but we just weren’t feeling that, and he didn’t seem to know that was his name anyway. He’s about 6 months old and we think he’s a dachshund/ jack russel/ chihuahua mix. Seth already loves Zeus. I can tell they’re going to be great friends. I always wanted my kids to grow up with a dog : )

The first few days have been awesome. I feel like having a dog is already teaching me things about being present in the moment. Apparently dog ownership has been proven to reduce stress and contribute to overall happiness. I believe it.

Today we are going to introduce Zeus to the dog park down the road from us, as long as the weather cooperates.

Does anyone have recommendations for natural flea and tick control? I hate the idea of using poisons like the traditional flea medicines you put on their coat, especially with Seth around, but of course we need to do something to prevent bug problems.

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