by Hannah

These are my favorite jeans. I bought them with a gift card to Lucky Brand that my parents-in-law gave me when I graduated from college. I wore them when I worked at the library with a nice top- back then they were darker in color and crisp and new-looking. When I was pregnant, I wore them unbuttoned as long as I could with a belly band over the top. After I had Seth, they were the first pre-pregnancy jeans I dared to try on, and I was so happy that they fit! They have been with me and my family to the beach and the park countless times. To photography sessions and on vacations, and then finally a hole wore in the knee, probably from all the kneeling and crawling to play with my son. I love them still, because people pay a lot of money for jeans that come with a hole in the knee, but mine are like that because I have lived life in them. They are proof of each full and active day they have been through with me, from just having finished school, getting married, starting a business, having a baby, buying a home. Even if they eventually wear out beyond use, I will never get rid of these jeans.


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