a Father’s Day post

by Hannah

So many of favorite bloggers have written beautiful tributes to their dads today. I wanted to do the same, but at first was at a loss because my situation is somewhat unique. I don’t have just one dad- I kind of have three.

So let me introduce you to them:

This is my biological dad. We didn’t see one another for 18 years, but reconnected a couple years ago. I always hoped I would be able to know him, and having a relationship with him again has been amazing. I am so thankful for that. He is a very kind and creative person and we happen to have quite a bit in common.

walking me down the isle
This is the dad I grew up with, my step dad. He raised me as his own daughter, and although we’ve had our differences, I love him very much.

hammock no.1

on Grandpa's shoulders

Seth and Grandpa

And this is my father in law, and I consider him just as much my dad as anyone else. I couldn’t have asked for more loving and supportive in-laws, really. This guy set such a great example for my husband of what it is to be a loving and loyal husband and father.
And {obviously} he is stellar grandpa. Seth simply adores him.

Speaking of people Seth adores….


my boys


I am so thankful for Manny. Starting a family together has been such a great adventure, and he is a really wonderful dad. It melts my heart every time Seth exclaims “Dada!” with such joy in his voice. Despite every challenge we’ve faced together, our marriage continues to get stronger, and I love watching him become a better and better father to our son each day.
I love you babe.

So here’s to the fathers in my life, who have each impacted me in positive and lasting ways, and to dads everywhere. The role you play in the lives of your children matters so much. You are loved.


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