by Hannah

…with gratitude.

For my family.

For the chance to steal away by myself earlier and take some pictures, just for me.

For a few tiny creatures that let me get close and take their pictures.

For feeling satisfied and peaceful in this moment despite having such a very long to-do list.

What will be, will be. The important things will get done. Learning to focus on what is important and leave the rest behind is part of what this life is about anyway.
Maybe that’s why I love photography so very much, and also why I tend to shoot with a wide open aperture (which, for you non-photographers,  creates a shallow depth of field, or basically your subject in focus and the background blurry)- it mirrors what I try to practice in my life, day to day.




a bit of yellow

little friend

Meanwhile, Seth and Manny were having tons of fun on the playground. Seth is really loving his mobility, as you can see, and he gets steadier on his feet each day. It is a challenge to get pictures of him- he’s always moving and usually refuses to look at the camera. I think this is commonly known as Photographer’s Child Syndrome, or PCS.

12 july

always on the go

perpetual motion

"hey mom!"

father & son

Oh my goodness, this kid just fills me with joy. Overflowing. For real.


2 Comments to “overflowing…”

  1. Oh my goodness! Atlas has PDS (Photographer’s Dog Syndrome). I am hoping it’s an odd syndrome that improves with age.

    Beautiful scenes – well worth slowing down for.

    I like my aperture wide-open too.

  2. Love these! You’re very talented Hannah!

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