Some Zoo Fun & the August Break

by Hannah

A little trip to the zoo a few days ago. Seth loves it more every time we go.

Seth at the zoo

he was so interested in everything

at the zoo

he got a little freaked out when he realized he couldn’t get down from the tortoise

water pump

otters at the zoo


The awesome and uber-talented Susannah Conway posted such a great idea on her blog the other day- The August Break. (more info here) For the month of August, she and anyone who wants to participate will post a photo each day on her blog. Any camera- including iPhones, Polaraoid, film or digital. Words are completely unnecessary but not against the rules either.

I think I need something like this right now. I have been staying up very late, busting at the seams with ideas for my business and for other projects, and also needing to spend time with my family. Seth is at a very interactive age and needs more of my attention, and as a family we really need to get out and have fun together more often. I have all kinds of ideas for adventures we can embark upon. My mother-in-law just came home from three months of chemo and a bone marrow transplant, and we are loving them being close again. Having them gone for a while just makes us want to hang out with them all day now when we can (and we have been for the last few days). Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have in-laws like Jackie and Manny? So thankful…

So, I may write a little here and there in August, but for the most part it will be just photos, documenting a month of creativity and work, and most of all, family. So this means I have just over a week to get all the serious blogging out of my system :)

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2 Comments to “Some Zoo Fun & the August Break”

  1. I like the sound of The August Break. I post very intermittently to my blog, so this sort of challenge can be helpful and energizing. I may sign up, too.

  2. I love it! Can non-bloggers get in on the fun? I may try…

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