I’m still here.

by Hannah

It seems the August Break that I mentioned before came a little early for me, by force. I have been busy, and not feeling too well, and Seth is cutting another molar. It is just time for a break friends. So, more pictures, fewer words for the next month or so.

I want to find a new excitement for photography, really fall in love with it again. Not that I have been out of love with it- it’s just that sometimes I feel like I’ve stopped growing, and need to branch out and experiment more. I want to spend more time shooting for myself. I want to go off with a friend one day and shoot away, try new things and be daring, without the pressure of it being a paying client. Just me being an artist, taking off the business hat for a while.

I am actually doing shoots with two brand new babies in the next week, and am so excited about that, but I have ideas for adult models- women in particular. (If you’re local and want to take off and chase light with me for an afternoon sometime soon please let me know!)

I never want to be stagnant. I want to be constantly evolving as an artist, gaining skill, defining my style.



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