august break, no.5

by Hannah

cappucino perfection

the little one slept in his stroller, and we ate lunch together, with cappuccino at the end. it was almost like a date : )


I just signed up for 30 Days of Yoga with Marianne Elliot, and I am really looking forward to it! The course includes everything you need to establish a solid at-home yoga practice, including an online community for support and encouragement to keep going. I cannot tell you how much I need this. I need the physical benefits, but especially the mental ones. When I am practicing yoga on a regular basis I feel calmer and more centered, and just have a sense of well-being. I can’t make it to classes very often, and I’ve just been needing that extra push to practice on my own, so I was so excited to hear about this course.
It starts on August 10th, so there is still time to sign up if you’re interested!

{The August Break is, for me, about not feeling like I have to write here- pictures each day will do (but there are no rules of course, so I can write too if I feel like it!) Basically I am relaxing more in August, and letting summer be summer.
This idea is from the talented Susannah Conway. Click here for more info and a list of participating bloggers.}

3 Comments to “august break, no.5”

  1. Unsurprisingly, your August Break photos are lot better than mine. :D :D :D

  2. Seriously? Are you serious? This is getting wierd.
    You must be wondering what in the world I’m referring to…
    Well, literally, yesterday a girlfriend on FB posted that she was doing a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge. And I got envious; I have been really starving for my yoga!! I asked her if she could recommend any videos of any favorite yoga teachers or types of yoga. And she just recommended that I go to the studio (she doesn’t have kids & I didn’t want to begin to explain the challenges involved in doing this as I don’t think I would have understood before I had kids). Sooo…I was a little bummed but still planned to look into some yoga videos to do at home. And then……. miraculously……. I see your blog post on this online support for 30 days of yoga! Wow. Thank you Universe! This is the second time you’ve addressed something I’ve been thinking or yearning for (i.e. the first time was the writing itch!). Thank you! I’m going to do this yoga thing. xoxo

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