What is beauty?

by Hannah


is a gift.
is light.
is not only physical.

can be found anywhere
if we open our eyes.

in more obvious things-
a flower
a sunset
the ocean.

but also
in the wrinkles on the face of one
who has lived fully.
and in the smile of one
who has suffered much.

in pain that brings new growth.
in a tumultuous storm.
in the kindness of a stranger.
in the humanity that connects us all.

it’s definition has been skewed by society.
it has become something to strive for
when it is within each of us all along.

beauty is love.
and truth.
it is powerful
enough to change the world
if we let it.

a cold heart can be warmed by it.
a hateful heart can be changed by seeing it in another soul.

beauty- true beauty, truly seen,
can lead to
and peace.

this is why it is a gift.
this is why it must be

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