Friday Links

by Hannah

Some things I’ve been loving lately…


{source unknown, found via Maine Momma}

The lovely Angie Warren speaks her heart on photography and authenticity.

I loved this post on Scoutie Girl about sometimes needing to take a bit of a break from creativity.

Also on Scoutie Girl- change the world with your money.

This beautiful lifestyle shoot by photographer Ulrica Wihlborg, on sfgirlbybay. and more here.

I love this beautiful post by Danielle LaPorte on White Hot Truth.

In the face some disgustingly ignorant people planning to burn the Koran (I won;t even link to the story because I know you’ve heard it by now), fellow blogger Chookooloonks had this awesome idea. And here is the latest post on the project. It is so cool to see someone respond to such an enraging and horrible thing with peace and positive action.

I found The Drifter and the Gypsy through her guest post this morning on Gypsy Girl’s Guide. She’s 16, and takes beautiful photos and has a lovely inspiration blog. {I started blogging at 16, but wasn’t nearly as good at it :-P}

I want to try this: handmade recycled scrap paper notebooks (on Design Sponge). I think they’d make wonderful holiday gifts. I’ll be on the lookout for interesting vintage papers for the covers now!

I made these delicious gingersnap cookies posted on Life is a Canvas a few days ago and have been eating for too many of them : )

And this song by Andrew Bird, via Sacred Lotus.

Have a lovely weekend friends!



4 Comments to “Friday Links”

  1. thank you my friend for the link! have a great weekend :)

  2. Hi Hannah! I loved this list so very much. Esp. the music–so good. What a great way to start my morning… Hoping you have a wonderful, perhaps less trying day than yesterday. With toddlers, repeat as a mantra as often as necessary: “It’s a phase. It will pass.” xoxo! Christina

  3. Thanks for the mention here! Those cookies are too good not to share :)

    And I also enjoyed Scoutie Girl’s post about taking a creative break. It’s a timely reminder for me–it’s ok to embrace the down-time, and it refuels us for when we do come back to our work!

  4. Thank you for sharing this list..and these wonderful links!! Hope you’re having a great weekend!!!

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