Stitch Rock 2010

by Hannah

I heard about Stitch Rock last year, after it had already happened, and I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t miss it again. An indie craft fair just down the road a bit from where I live? Yes, please!

{It’s actually still going on for the next two hours, so if you’re local, I highly recommend heading over to downtown Delray Beach. It was awesome!}

If you were there earlier, you probably saw me- the crazy lady wearing a toddler on my hip in a carrier and simultaneously wielding a 2+ pound camera while navigating the intense crowds. I am a total spaz (It’s the story of my life…) :)
Here are the shot I got before putting my camera away to focus on the wonderful handmade goods:

Stitch Rock no.1

Stitch Rock no.2

Stitch Rock no.3

Stitch Rock no.4

Stitch Rock no.5
4 Hounds Press- beautiful letterpress. Web | Etsy

Stitch Rock no.6
Cupcakes from House of Sweets. Delicious.

Stitch Rock no.7
House of Sweets Bakery

Old School Square was such a cool venue for this, and there was so much awesome talent there. Next year, I definitely want to come alone and spend more time looking at everything.

Check out Stitch Rock’s website and Facebook page.


4 Comments to “Stitch Rock 2010”

  1. I think I may have seen you, and it was amazing, though I wish they were more vendors that had items catered to males.

  2. This looks like such fun!! Wonderful images!!!

  3. Hi, I found you and your shop through etsy (the shop hearts).
    You have really great stuff and these photographs are awesome! It was a good show.
    Great images :)

  4. It was an amazing show, I was pleased to see young people appreciating independent art.

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