Five Senses Friday

by Hannah

I forgot to do my Friday feature yesterday- oops!

I am doing a wedding inspiration shoot with Teresa of Simply Couture Weddings this Sunday. We have been planning the styling together and I did a lot of vintage shopping for props yesterday. I am so very excited about it! It has definitely been keeping me very busy. I have never produced a shoot like this before, and I must say that I have been enjoying the process very much- and I haven’t even shot anything yet! I see more projects like this in my future.

I am doing Five Senses Friday (a day late) instead of Friday links this week. I got the idea for Five Senses Friday on Abby Try Again.

So, this week I’m:


Nice bold coffee with raw sugar and organic half & half, every morning. It’s been keeping me going lately.


This beautiful post by Jose Villa– one of my absolute favorite wedding photographers. I am constantly inspired by his work.


Andrew Bird Pandora station


lovely, amazing 64 degree weather this morning!


zucchini bread I baked last night and warmed up for breakfast this morning. I love the way baking makes my house smell!


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