The thing about balance…

by Hannah

It’s a process. A journey. A practice that you must approach with the knowledge that you will most likely never actually feel that you’ve “arrived”, and if you do, it will probably only be for a few minutes.

I always feel like some aspect of my life is suffering. If I am giving my family all of my attention, my business to-do list becomes overwhelming. If I spend a day focusing on getting the house completely cleaned, then Seth gets cabin fever and everyone is irritable. If I am keeping with all of my work, then the dishes and laundry seem to pile up and Seth has watched far too much television for one day. It can be so, so frustrating to feel like there is never any balance. And I tell myself that it is my fault- that I should be handling it all better. I think I know that is not true, deep down. It is the image of super-mom that is highly esteemed in our society, but is it anyone’s reality? I always wonder if anyone has truly found the balance and maintained it.

But maybe it is my definition of balance that is actually off. Maybe balancing it all would be accepting that I will lack in one area while focusing on another, but each important part of my life must be given its time and place. Maybe I need to stop beating myself up about where I am lacking, and focus always on what I have in front of me now. Maybe balance is more about my mindset than how I actually do anything, and the fact that no area suffers for very long is proof that I’m doing alright after all.

Be kind to yourself. A balanced mind leads to a balanced life…


2 Comments to “The thing about balance…”

  1. thank you mrs hannah. im in love with this post.

  2. I started writing a post today about balance on my blog to come across this was perfect. I haven’t had a chance to finish it. I was just settling in to do that now. It is very true…I am feeling a bit “unbalanced” and I am working on it.

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