by Hannah

Seth and I just spent two days in my hometown, which is 40 minutes north of where we live. It was absolutely the best- so sweet and restorative, and just exactly what I needed.

Today my mom and I sat by the ocean together for hours, talking. We haven’t had a chance to do this in far too long. I got some time to catch up with my best friend too.
I was once again reminded how much I need those two women in my life on a more regular basis. Without that female camaraderie  something is just missing.

The ocean is part of me- I really believe that. I am instantly at peace when I’m there, it’s like a healing balm for my soul and it helps me think. Yet I always stay away too long.
I was so glad to be there soaking it up today.
I think Seth has the same connection to the sea that I do.

{don’t I have the most gorgeous friend?}

We’re home now. I always miss Manny when we go and visit there without him (always when he’s working). It was good to come back. We enjoyed dinner together before he left again for work.

I’m looking forward to a full and thankful week.

2 Comments to “Restored.”

  1. Oh how I miss living near the ocean! Your photos are so beautiful and refreshing…What is it about visiting your hometown that restores the soul? It’s a mystery to me, but I know and love the feeling.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous pictures (you are so beautiful!) and… this post made me miss the ocean so. i am a california girl…and the ocean is the only thing i miss, living in vermont…

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