Welcome Christmas

by Hannah

Wow. Suddenly I haven’t posted here in over a week. I feel like life just forced me to take a break.
I’ve been so occupied by the holiday, and work, and spending time with family. All good things.
It was a great Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Seth has been in a tough place due to teething and needs plenty of attention. I too have been in an emotionally tender place, probably due to Seth not letting me sleep as much as I need. Even without any cold weather, I feel winter coming. I feel the urge to bake and do crafts, and drink hot cider or tea, and cozy up with my loves. I want to hibernate. It always happens this time of year.
I’ve become more sentimental as I’ve gotten older, and I feel like I am enjoying the holidays more than ever this year. I was so excited for Thanksgiving, and now I am even more excited to get down to decorating for Christmas. I want to make a lot of decorations, and have been looking up tutorials online. I am also looking forward to baking for Christmas.
Seth is not two yet, but I want to start some new traditions surrounding the holidays. I want my kids to grow up with special traditions that they can look forward to and that will make this time of year even more meaningful to them.
I’ll probably post here and there this month about my holiday prep and ideas, along with more of my usual content. I am looking forward to catching up with work and taking some solid time off so I can start 2011 with a totally fresh perspective and enthusiasm for my business.


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