Goodbye 2010…

by Hannah

I had so many things I wanted to write here this week. I was going to reflect on the year, and post my favorite photos. I was going to actually participate in #reverb10. I still plan to do some of these things, but it is not going to happen before midnight tonight. And I will not be mad at myself. I will not say I should have. I am letting it be, and choosing to looking forward instead. Looking forward to a better year, one of thriving and of letting things just be, and of focusing on what is most important.

So I wanted to stop in here, before the merrymaking ensues later on, and wish you all a very, very

Have a look over at my photography blog to see some of my favorite client work from 2010 (the last two posts).

p.s.- I forgot to even observe it, but can you believe that earlier this month marked three years since I started this blog?! Go ahead, check out the archives and have a laugh ;)

Here’s to another wonderful, adventurous year. Have a lovely, fun, and safe night all.




One Comment to “Goodbye 2010…”

  1. Happy New Year!

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