Well, Hello. {This is me.}

by Hannah

If you follow my photography blog, you saw these two photos there this morning:

I am participating in a 52 week photography project with a group of 16 other amazing photographers, and our week one theme was self. I encourage you to click over to my other blog and follow the links to each of their self portraits from this week.

I am challenging myself to also take more self portraits this year. Doing so feels awkward at first. Raw. I feel that every artist must do this. I connect with the people I photograph in a totally unique way, and I think connecting with myself in the same way will be important. It may teach me more about myself. It might even be healing.

So here are a few others I took this week–

{So this is me.}
shy. quiet. unsure.
and yet, I am learning
that is who I made myself,
but not who I really am.
I am, truly
fierce, stubborn, a warrior-woman, mama lioness.
unyielding, determined, refusing to give up no matter what comes my way.
tell me I can’t
and you’d better believe that I am going to.
yes I am introspective.
but if I’m not talking, it’s probably because I am listening.
in my bones and blood
is creativity and salt water.
in my heart
is freedom and adventure
and love.


3 Comments to “Well, Hello. {This is me.}”

  1. Oh, wow, your photography is gorgeous! Best of luck to you in the 52-week challenge; I’m totally rooting for you! I’m hitting subscribe so I can see what you do over the course of the year.

  2. that is beautiful hannah! love it.

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