Something unexpected

by Hannah

I have this lens I got when I was very new to photography. It’s a Sigma 70-300mm. As I learned more about photography and my artistic voice developed, I became partial to Nikon’s prime (fixed focal-length rather than zoom) lenses, so I hardly ever used it. I didn’t think it would be compatible with my full frame D700 when I upgraded last year, but I used it so seldom that I didn’t even look to make sure. I almost sold it. Then, I realized that it has macro capabilities- something I have been wanting quite a lot. And indeed, it is compatible with my newer camera. So yesterday I took it for a spin in the park… and it’s almost like I got a brand new lens- from my own camera bag.

And so, my
first macro images:


2 Comments to “Something unexpected”

  1. oooooo … pretty.

    P.S. I work during weekdays so lunch is hard. sometimeontheweekends?

  2. Nice photography.
    We came across your blog from your Etsy site, You were featured in one of their email blasts.

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