by Hannah

This place.
peace. nature. light.
On this foggy, crisp morning,
I felt so aware, so connected to everything around me…


My submission was chosen to be featured on Words to Shoot By this weekend, and I am beyond thrilled. I have admired the work on their site for some time now. Please go see the other submissions they chose- there are some really incredible images there.



I have nothing particularly exciting to share at the moment.

As usual I have more things to do than time to do them, and I am full of new ideas that tease me with my limited time. I am trying to methodically and calmly move through my lists and tasks without getting overwhelmed. I wish for more sleep and coffee makes up for the lack of it (somewhat).

I am thankful for our little family outing at the zoo this afternoon, for taking a few moments to just watch the golden sunlight peeking through a patch of bamboo, for the sound of Seth and Manny playing upstairs, for warm tea and late-night reading of good books…

And I’m thankful for the relationships in my life- threads weaving through everything else, creating meaning and strength, resilience and the very essence of the fabric of my world. I am so thankful.


5 Comments to “Place.”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous shot. I want to be in that picture.

  2. Congratulations Hannah!!
    Truly well-deserved.
    This is a gorgeous photograph!

  3. This is a stunning shot, beautifully processed – tranquil, timeless, hopeful. Congrats!

  4. Hi Hannah! I came upon your blog via shutter sisters (I think). Love your outlook and your images. Just beautiful.

  5. congratulations – i love your submission and was very excited to be included as well.
    i’m happy to be in such fine company!

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