Savor the journey.

by Hannah

Present-ness in the moment is essential. Lack of momentum is crippling.

There is a delicate balance, a push and pull: strive and push yourself, and yet remember to slow down at times.

Have dreams and chase them. Have goals and work hard for them.

But don’t get so wholly caught up in these things that you miss the present.

Savor the journey.

Pause to smell the flowers.

Look around you and really experience life at this point in your journey, rather than running so single-mindedly toward the goal that you pass over everything in between.

Each day, each moment, is a gift.


{p.s.- The above image is brand new and now available as a fine art print in my Etsy shop :)}


One Comment to “Savor the journey.”

  1. hannah, i love this post. i commented on bekah’s blog today and it was something to the effect of what you wrote.
    life/motherhood is all about balance and appreciation. i catch myself so often wishing my kids away, instead of truly enjoying the amazingness they bring to my life.

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