January 30, 2011


by Hannah

Something you may not know about me: I’m not a huge fan of shopping in malls. I have heard some ladies describe shopping as “exhilarating” and “energizing”, but while I don’t completely hate a few hours at the mall, it overwhelms me. I always leave exhausted. Then I discovered the wonders of thrift, antique, and vintage stores, and I think I understand what my mall-shopping friends are talking about. It’s a bit like treasure hunting, and I love it. So here are some of my finds from this week…

I have been wanting a nice floppy hat for gardening and the beach- this one is perfect :)

wooden bowl and spoon- always on the lookout for food photography props

two vintage pillow cases- I always see project tutorials that call for them.

I love this mug for my tea- such a lovely color

a nice, big, simple vase for flowers

I got three of these plates- I love dinnerware that has a handmade feel

The pattern on this skirt- oh I just couldn’t resist.

paisley shawl

This just amazed me- dated 1899 and super heavy (cast iron). I had to get it.

This box is now holding fruit on my kitchen counter.

Pretty patterned butter knife

This lens… doesn’t actually go on any of my cameras, but again I just couldn’t pass it up. I am interested in learning about how to make homemade lenses, which can give a very interesting tilt-shift/Lensbaby look. If I can’t use it for that I might sell it, because it is in great condition.

When I was exploring downtown a few days ago, I found an antique mall that looks like it will easily replace my favorite on that closed several months ago. Seth was fussy so I only glanced at a few things before needing to leave, but I am planning on going back in by myself soon and taking some time.

Have a beautiful week, friends!


January 28, 2011

Friday Links: Rue & music

by Hannah

Have you seen Rue? This lovely online magazine overflows with style and visual amazingness (oh yes that’s a word in my world). The design. The writing. The photography. The layout (full screen. no paper wasted because it’s an online mag. and you like what you see? click on it.)

Go. Grab a mug of your favorite warm beverage. Immerse yourself. Be inspired.

You’re welcome.
{and happy Friday}

I also wanted to share with some music that has been soothing my soul this week.
Ingrid Michaelson
A Fine Frenzy
Mumford & Sons
The Pandora stations generated by these artists are just awesome. They are the soundtrack of my life right now.

p.s.- it’s time for 52 on Fridays again, and this week is warmth.

Hopefully by next week I can link you to my new website- I got the design part done and then during the installation everything went wacky and my whole site has been down for a few days, which is driving a me a little crazy. I’m excited to unveil the new look- hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

January 26, 2011


by Hannah

I have been contemplating vision- how it is formed and how it changes over time. The above quote was pinned on Pinterest by my friend Angie, and when I read it, something resonated in me.

Our vision does not come from the outward things that inspire us- it is ours alone. Completely unique. I think there is a strong tendency in photography to try to mirror other peoples’ visions. But my journey is leading me in such a different direction, and I feel there is so much truth in these words. The more I look within myself and the less I look at what others are doing, the more “awakened” I feel. My vision and my path are stronger and better defined. I have a solid idea of where my business is headed and what my unique voice is as an artist.

This is not only about business and art. Your life vision is yours alone. What defines you, truly, is not external. When you begin to know your true self and examine the real, internal you… you come alive. Your heart will affect the external aspects of your life if you allow it, and you will become more yourself than you have ever been.

This is the journey I am on. It involves risk and difficult self-acceptance and learning what is truly important and not caring what other people think. It is about freedom and love and raw authenticity that changes everything. I want to live awake, not only dreaming.

January 23, 2011

Some Sunday Links

by Hannah

I know my “links” posts haven’t been totally regular, but I have a bunch of things from around the web that I wanted to share this weekend. I guess it was just a good week in cyberspace :)

In food:
Chocolate Peanut spread
from Smitten Kitchen {big nutella fan here, so I’m all over this idea}
and these yummy looking Peanut Snack bars from The Little Red House
lovely food photography and recipes on Honey and Jam

In photography:
a discussion about film
on Shutter Sisters
and speaking of film- Jonathan Canlas talked on Formspring about the awesome benefits of the new Kodak Portra 400 {which I can’t wait to try}
a gorgeous Maui wedding shot by Jose Villa, on Style Me Pretty– Part I and Part II {and just to tie it all together, Jose shoots film too, and happens to be one of my all-time favorite photographers}

In design:
this post on office style, on The Pretty Blog, makes me want to redesign my home office space
and I have been loving all the inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and it is keeping me from cluttering my bookmarks folder, which I like

In life:
my friend Angie talked about stepping back from the time-suck that is the Internet
and Deb Schwedhelm shared why you shouldn’t check your email first thing in the morning {original article by Sid Savara}
on The Creative Mama, Tiffany Larson shared her green goals for the year

And a photo of Seth from a few days ago- it makes my heart so happy that he enjoys art already…

January 21, 2011

Friday Me

by Hannah

In this moment- sitting in the grass, in the sunshine, waiting for some Instax shots to develop, listening to my guys laughing while blowing bubbles together, in our front yard, without an agenda- just being– present, there… I was completely content and just blissed out.

Joining with all kinds of awesome on 52 Weeks of Bam {because obviously one 52 Weeks project isn’t enough… :)}

January 21, 2011

Something Sunny…

by Hannah

…for your Friday morning.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic | Kodak Gold 100 color negative film

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

{p.s.- be sure to check out week 2 of my “52 On Fridays” project on my photography blog. The theme for this week is “Shades of Red”.}

January 19, 2011

Something unexpected

by Hannah

I have this lens I got when I was very new to photography. It’s a Sigma 70-300mm. As I learned more about photography and my artistic voice developed, I became partial to Nikon’s prime (fixed focal-length rather than zoom) lenses, so I hardly ever used it. I didn’t think it would be compatible with my full frame D700 when I upgraded last year, but I used it so seldom that I didn’t even look to make sure. I almost sold it. Then, I realized that it has macro capabilities- something I have been wanting quite a lot. And indeed, it is compatible with my newer camera. So yesterday I took it for a spin in the park… and it’s almost like I got a brand new lens- from my own camera bag.

And so, my
first macro images:

January 18, 2011

Walk on a dewy morning

by Hannah


Asahi Pentax Spotmatic | Kodak Gold 100 color negative film


I’ll be listing some of these as prints in my Etsy shop over the next several days, so be sure to go take a look!

January 16, 2011

Soup for Lunch

by Hannah

Yesterday’s lunch {and it will be today’s as well}- this wonderful soup recipe from Cannelle et Vanille.
With a hunk of hearty bread, it is the perfect winter meal.


I want to do more food photography. I have been so inspired lately, by the above-mentioned blog, as well as this post, this flickr group, and this website.
I am planning on going antique and thrift shopping for more props soon.

January 14, 2011

his world.

by Hannah

he reaches up to give me the little flower he just picked- only the bud, plucked from a weed that made its way through a crack in our patio cement. i really should get out there and pull all the weeds around the edges- it looks messy.

“here, mama.” he says as he hands me the flower, smiling. he does this over and over, so proud and purposeful. if i am slow to reach for it he says sternly, “mama!”. i tell him thank you, and that i love him, and that they are so beautiful. i give him a hug, and smell his hair, still baby-soft and curly at the ends. he lays a little kiss on my cheek, and then pushes me away to trot off, seeking his next adventure.

our days are roller caster rides of the sweetest moments, the fits of giggles, and the passionate tantrums and tireless testing of boundaries.
i try to steal a few minutes, an hour, a moment- here and there throughout the day to keep up with my to-do list. it is a delicate balance- motherhood, work. he is more important, every time. yet in a certain moment sometimes work is more immediate and pressing. it is hard not to feel guilty for that.
he sees birds in the park and makes his signature bird sound {it sounds just like a seagull- we were at the beach the first time he did it.}
he chases them and they scatter into the air. he laughs, and does it again. his joy is pure and real, and contagious.
i watch him, sleeping, and he looks the same as i remember him looking when he was tiny. he’s on his back, arms and legs spread out. i think about how if i try to sleep on my back, i startle. he is so full of peace and innocence that i practically tear up. once again i see that it is all going so fast, just like people so love to tell me it will.
but in this moment his world and mine are still intertwined to the core. and i let his contentment wash over me and every worry die away for a while.
in his world there is only this moment.
a gift, and a lesson.

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