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December 9, 2010

Reverb 10- Make

by Hannah

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

The last thing I made…

well actually the last couple of things:


For the bird, I drew the shapes I needed on paper first, traced them onto the felt, and cut them out. I stuffed with fiber fill and stitched around it up with embroidery floss.

The glass ball idea was from here {thanks, Jami!}. I used an ornament we had already, and used a silver paint pen to draw the design.

I want to do a few more of each of these in the coming weeks- they’re easy and the birds especially would be cute additions to holiday gifts!

I have several Christmas gifts on my “to-make” list. I’m planning on doing some crocheting, and some baking. Finding time for those things is rare these days, but I have a break coming up and I intend to put it to good use.

November 30, 2010

Decking the Halls {Part I- Decorating}

by Hannah

I have been whipping up handmade holiday decorations in my spare moments over the last couple of days, and I wanted to share a few of them with you! We ventured into the attic yesterday and retrieved our boxes of ornaments, and our faux wreath for the door, which I decorated the first year we were married, as well as our stockings and some other things. I’m hoping to add lots of handmade things to our collection this year.

I found this great blog post about decorations made from simple white cardstock, on d.Sharp Journal, via Design Sponge. I love how my snowman garland and angels come out!

Also on Design Sponge, I found the instructions for these fun paper ornaments, which I hung from the chandelier above our dining table.

A few nights ago we went to CityPlace, where they have a giant Christmas tree and a train for the kiddos, which Seth thoroughly enjoyed.
p.s.- It was dark outside when I took these. I love my D700’s high ISO capabilities!

Yes, the holiday season has officially arrived, and I am loving it!

xoxo, h

January 18, 2010

Handmade Christmas, Part 2

by Hannah

You may remember when I posted these pictures of Seth covered in blue paint?



Well now I am making good on my promise to show you the finished product. We gave these as gifts to several of our family members, and we kept one to put up in our own house too. I had been wanting to get hand and footprints from him for months, and I am so glad I got around to it before he turned one. Those hands and feet will never be this small again… sniff sniff.



This is Seth’s first artwork :)
We used non-toxic completely washable tempura paints- first I painted the green onto the canvases and let it dry completely, and then we did the handprints and let that dry. Then I did several coats of a spray varnish I picked up at the crafts store, to seal it all in. I am pretty happy with the finished result!

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January 12, 2010

“A Noste-whaat…?”

by Hannah

“…a nostepinne.” This was a little clip from a conversation Manny and I had back before my birthday in October, after he asked me what I wanted for gifts. I went on to explain that a nostepinne is a wonderfully simplistic and charmingly old-school tool for winding yarn into a ball, and that I would like one, since I had just been doing it by hand and I think they are cool. I sent a link to his email and forgot about it, and for my birthday I got an awesome camera bag and a new wallet from Anthropologie <3

But then on Christmas morning I opened on of my boxes, and there was this shiny, colorful nostepinne from Daystar handworks. He remembered! It is just beautiful, and I love using it. Here is the first ball of yarn I’ve made with it- the yarn is Peace Fleece in the “Samantha and Katya Pink” colorway. I am starting a project with it today, but it’s a gift so I’ll have to wait to post pictures after it has made its way to the recipient!






Mine is Daystar’s beautiful “Birds of the Forest” colorway, and as you can see is unbelievably smooth and polished. Beautiful craftsmanship!

According to the literature provided by Daystar, nostepinnes can be traced back to Scandinavia (just like my family! :) ) and the literal translation is “little stick for winding balls of yarn.” It creates a nice, neat center-winding ball that isn’t wound too tightly.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to using a nostepinne, but it is easy once you get the hang of it.  I could explain, but Fiber Fool has already done an excellent job of that, complete with pictures and a video, here.

January 5, 2010

Handmade Christmas, Part 1

by Hannah

(Yes I am still doing Christmas posts. Also our tree is still up and I haven’t finished making all the gifts, which is why this part 1. I’m a little behind this year.)

First, here are the little tunisian crochet hat ornaments I made for my mom and mother-in-law. It was my first time trying tunisian- here is the pattern I used. They were fun and quick and came out pretty cute, though Manny thinks they look more like bells than hats.


For my mom, I made a set of little felted bowls.




Here is a link to bowl pattern on Ravelry: linky.

And for my sister I made this hat. It is just like the one Bella wears in the La Push scene in the Twilight movie. Needless to say Eva was thrilled. I will admit, though, that I too enjoy reading and watching the Twilight series :)



And here is the pattern on Ravelry.

There are one or two more handmade Christmas gift posts coming soon. Or fairly soon. ish…

Right now the hubs and I are about to eat some lovely crockpot chili that has been making the house smell awesome all day, and we’re going to watch a moving cuddled under blankets as the temperature drops outside- expecting lows of 30 degrees or less tonight, which is really farking cold in this neck of the woods.

Stay warm and happy,

November 22, 2009

mayoCREATIVE is now open!

by Hannah

Perhaps you need something to carry your… whatever? Here you go!

Or this perhaps?

Or dress up a bit with these…

The possibilities are practically endless. Custom orders are welcomed!

Yes, I have been busy- but it is so much fun, and I am hoping that all the work will pay off!
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November 1, 2009

Countdown to November 20th!

by Hannah
AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

I’m getting so excited about the re-opening of my shop! I have new packaging ideas, and I am busy making new things and getting everything ready. Free shipping on everything throughout November! See you soon!
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November 26, 2008

Christmas Gift Challenge- Revised

by Hannah

After some thought I have decided to expand my Christmas giving idea. Rather than making everything, we will give only ethical gifts for Christmas this year. There are so many really cool eco-friendly, handmade and fair trade gift options out there, and I am excited to explore and come up with things for everyone on our list.

I’ve recently started knitting a blanket for the baby, and I am really interested in using some natural fiber yarns, like ones from PurlSoho and Near Sea Naturals. I’m also hoping to try my hand at making recycled felt from wool sweaters from thrift stores. Pregnancy has made me want to be so much more domestic and creative- after my classes are over for the semester I want to start baking, and learn to use my sewing machine.

I am setting a challenge for myself in the next year, to buy as little as possible for the house. So many things can be made- like cleaning solutions, decor for the house, clothes and toys for the baby, personal care. I think it will be fun, and very economical compared to buying everything. Making and reusing things can really reduce waste as well, and you have control over what is in it.

November 14, 2008

A Handmade Christmas?

by Hannah

I was recently starting to think about Christmas gifts, and what to get for people this year. I hate getting generic gifts that are pretty meaningless and bought “just for the heck of it”- I always try to get people things that they will really like and use. I’ve heard of this before, but the idea returned to me- what about pledging to make every gift I give this year? Rather than succumbing to the unrelenting consumerism of the holidays, I could think up beautiful and useful things to make for everyone on my gift list this year. It is kind of a daunting challenge, but it would be fun and of course more earth-friendly than all the usual shopping. And I think in the long run people appreciate gifts more when it is obvious that thought and care was put into it and it is one of a kind, made especially with them in mind.
This could be really cool… more coming soon.

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