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January 26, 2011


by Hannah

I have been contemplating vision- how it is formed and how it changes over time. The above quote was pinned on Pinterest by my friend Angie, and when I read it, something resonated in me.

Our vision does not come from the outward things that inspire us- it is ours alone. Completely unique. I think there is a strong tendency in photography to try to mirror other peoples’ visions. But my journey is leading me in such a different direction, and I feel there is so much truth in these words. The more I look within myself and the less I look at what others are doing, the more “awakened” I feel. My vision and my path are stronger and better defined. I have a solid idea of where my business is headed and what my unique voice is as an artist.

This is not only about business and art. Your life vision is yours alone. What defines you, truly, is not external. When you begin to know your true self and examine the real, internal you… you come alive. Your heart will affect the external aspects of your life if you allow it, and you will become more yourself than you have ever been.

This is the journey I am on. It involves risk and difficult self-acceptance and learning what is truly important and not caring what other people think. It is about freedom and love and raw authenticity that changes everything. I want to live awake, not only dreaming.

January 14, 2011

Well, Hello. {This is me.}

by Hannah

If you follow my photography blog, you saw these two photos there this morning:

I am participating in a 52 week photography project with a group of 16 other amazing photographers, and our week one theme was self. I encourage you to click over to my other blog and follow the links to each of their self portraits from this week.

I am challenging myself to also take more self portraits this year. Doing so feels awkward at first. Raw. I feel that every artist must do this. I connect with the people I photograph in a totally unique way, and I think connecting with myself in the same way will be important. It may teach me more about myself. It might even be healing.

So here are a few others I took this week–

{So this is me.}
shy. quiet. unsure.
and yet, I am learning
that is who I made myself,
but not who I really am.
I am, truly
fierce, stubborn, a warrior-woman, mama lioness.
unyielding, determined, refusing to give up no matter what comes my way.
tell me I can’t
and you’d better believe that I am going to.
yes I am introspective.
but if I’m not talking, it’s probably because I am listening.
in my bones and blood
is creativity and salt water.
in my heart
is freedom and adventure
and love.

November 30, 2010

Decking the Halls {Part I- Decorating}

by Hannah

I have been whipping up handmade holiday decorations in my spare moments over the last couple of days, and I wanted to share a few of them with you! We ventured into the attic yesterday and retrieved our boxes of ornaments, and our faux wreath for the door, which I decorated the first year we were married, as well as our stockings and some other things. I’m hoping to add lots of handmade things to our collection this year.

I found this great blog post about decorations made from simple white cardstock, on d.Sharp Journal, via Design Sponge. I love how my snowman garland and angels come out!

Also on Design Sponge, I found the instructions for these fun paper ornaments, which I hung from the chandelier above our dining table.

A few nights ago we went to CityPlace, where they have a giant Christmas tree and a train for the kiddos, which Seth thoroughly enjoyed.
p.s.- It was dark outside when I took these. I love my D700’s high ISO capabilities!

Yes, the holiday season has officially arrived, and I am loving it!

xoxo, h

October 20, 2010

30 Days of {Truth}

by Hannah

Yesterday my friend Jami posted about these writing project to spur honesty on various topics, over at Live Beautiful. It’s called 30 Days of Truth. I want to participate, though I am just going to take some of the topics to write on throughout the rest of the month. If anything it will spur some interesting thoughts. Thank you Jami for sharing this :)

So first up: “Something you hate about yourself.”


I hate that I could list a lot of things here, some of them so very silly and superficial. I’m working on that.
One thing that I really wish I could change about myself is my tendency to worry too much. I have trouble letting things go when they’re bothering me. I let them consume me to the point of feeling the stress on a physical level. It isn’t healthy or productive, but it is very difficult for me to be at peace and just let things be if something isn’t right. I want to fix everything, and if I can’t I practically let it consume me. It’s almost as if somewhere in my sub-conscience I believe that by worrying I am still putting an effort into fixing it, and to stop worrying would be to give up. Ludicrous, I know. But, at least I’m aware of it, right? ;)

And since I do not want to leave a post on a negative note, I will cover the second prompt here as well: “Something you love about yourself.”
Now, this one is actually more difficult for me, because I hate to feel like I am bragging, so writing about positive aspects of who I am seems… strange. But it is probably a good thing to do.

I love my creative nature. It has always, always been a part of me. As a young child I was most in my element when I was painting or sculpting with clay or making a craft. Both of my parents are artists- creating things was just as normal to me as eating. As I grew up I always had a stash of art supplies, always loved to surround myself with music. Then I found my love for photography and I found my passion and vocation.
This creative nature isn’t only present in what I do, but how I think and how I approach life. A creative mind thinks differently, and solves problems differently. It tries to see life from other peoples’ perspectives. It looks at different angles. It thinks outside the box and doesn’t mind being different- in fact, it thrives on it. I am thankful that this is part of who I am.

September 9, 2010


by Hannah

Sometimes when I am feeling a little bit… stagnant…, returning to something old and familiar and seeing it in a new way can start the flow of inspiration again.

I collected these on the coast of Maine years ago. Smooth, wave-tossed stones like these always bring me back to that magical island. It is my favorite place in the world, the place of my roots and fondest memories.
I lost my voice last night to a sore throat and cough, and have been trying to get well again while single-handedly caring for a 19 month old who’s cutting two giant molars.
I shot these this afternoon in the hour between when my husband wakes and when he goes back to work. It was my time to connect with myself a bit, to the sound of father and son laughing and wrestling on the bed upstairs. I feel like it couldn’t have been a better use of my time. For some reason, the careful arrangement of a few stones, the undivided attention to composing, focusing- it makes me feel lighter, more centered- a return to myself.

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September 8, 2010

a new season

by Hannah

Monday was Labor Day- the unofficial end of summer. Many of my favorite bloggers are speaking of colder breezes, scarves, soups and preparing for cold weather. Here in Florida, however, it is still summer. Our temperatures are in the high 80’s and it’s been raining every afternoon. I go out to take a picture, and I have to wait for my lens to defog.

Still, I feel the change of season instinctively, even if there is not let any physical evidence of it in my world.

I suddenly had a great urge to clean out my closet yesterday. I felt the need to purge and renew, and two garbage bags full of clothes and shoes that I haven’t worn in years and never would have again are on their way out to be donated or consigned. I want to do this in every corner of my home until there’s nothing left that isn’t either useful or beautiful. (I first read this concept during Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Week earlier this year, and it stuck with me.)

Yes, fall is here, and for me it feels like a fresh start in so many ways. There are just four more months left in this year, and I determined not to take them for granted.

I have been experiencing these intense bouts of inspiration lately- I make sure to have a little Moleskine journal with me all the time, because the words will just start to flow, or I’ll have an idea to sketch out quickly. I’ve been taking so many photos with my iPhone (and posting most of them over on Posterous) because I don’t always have my slr with me (or I forget to charge the battery…). I walk around and see amazing things in every direction- the way a leaf curves, the patterns made by vines on a concrete wall, a wooden gate left ajar just so, like it is expecting someone- the world just seems so fresh and full of life and hope.

August 31, 2010

august break, no.31: the end.

by Hannah


tree in the water


skating for the first time in two years

from our rollerblading adventure

picnic lunch

Seth and Papa

almost a sunset


So here we are at the end of the August Break. August itself was anything but a break- what a crazy month it has been around here! When I first heard about the idea from Susannah Conway, I loved it, but I had no idea how much it would change the way I think about my blog and what I want it to be. Stepping back and spending a month focusing on posting images, often ones simply shot with my iPhone, I have thought a lot about why I write, and blog, and what direction I want to take it in the future.

I have ideas bouncing all over in my head but in short, I definitely want to write more. So that is what I plan to do. This blog started {almost 3 years ago now!} as a documentation of family life, and evolved with me as I’ve grown as a mother, an artist and a businesswoman. There are really no lines between my family life and my art and my career and my writing… it is all intertwined. I am still seeking my equipoise, and I want to share more of the journey with whoever would like to read it.

I recently stumbled upon this article at CopyBlogger, “10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer”. I clicked the link to it, thinking it would give me some great tips to learn to focus and organize my writing better, and found that it just says to write. And I’m thinking, oh yeah, that. But I took it to heart, and I have been intentional about writing more. In doing so my thoughts have become more organized, and I have even been more inspired in my photography. And I have had idea after idea about blogging more thoughtfully and intentionally. I feel excited about my blog again, and I can’t wait to share some of my thoughts with you!

May 14, 2010

Balance in daily life- some observations.

by Hannah

There are certain elements in my life that are necessary in order for me to feel centered and at peace. If there is balance, then I am happier, and my son is happier. If I don’t include these elements into our day, it is usually a hard one.

1. We have to get out of the house. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to do at home, so we stay in all day, but in the end I get less done because Seth and I both feel trapped and restless.

2. In connection to the above, we have to spend to in nature. Sometimes it’s just our backyard, or maybe the park or beach, but when I make sure we get outdoors and explore the natural world for a while, there is so much less stress in the day. Seth thrives on time spend outside, and I think I am realizing that I do, too.

3. At least every few days, we need interaction with others. Specifically, I need time with friends every one in a while in order to feel less isolated and more understood. This is something I am trying to work on making a habit, because right now it is too infrequent. We mamas need other women in our lives.

4. This is probably the biggest one for me: I have to make times to be creative. Taking pictures, making art-  and sometimes blogging, dancing freely in the living room, or baking something does the trick. If I haven’t created or allowed my artistic mind to take over in a while, I feel lifeless and frustrated. Taking that time makes me a better mother and wife, and a happier person.

5. Finally, I just have to take care of myself, physically. If I am not sleeping enough, getting enough good, nourishing whole foods in my diet, and staying physically active, my mood is very much affected. If I am taking the time to nurture myself, I feel much more balanced emotionally.

These are the things I am making an effort toward right now.

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